Training Plan

12 Week Body Composition Plan
4 training days per week, moving to 5 for final phase

weeks 1 to 4 – 3 strength: 1 conditioning

weeks 5 to 8 – 2 strength: 2 conditioning

weeks 8 to 12 – 3 strength: 2 conditioning.
Strength sessions 5 sets of 5.
Tempo 3-2-1-1, rest 90 seconds, weight must increase 5% per week so make sure week one is realistic.

Strength sessions start with 15 minutes ballistic stretching / activation and foam rolling. And finish with 3 sets of plank holds (increasing time)
A: Back squat, straight leg deadlift, dumbell chest press, dumbell bent over row, scapular movement*, walking lunges

B: Rear leg raised split squat, sumo squat, pullovers, upright rows, trap raises* , knee drive step ups

C: Dumbell squats, deadlifts, lat pull down, standing shoulder press, hyperextensions, incline press
Conditioning 1:

Walking lunges with rotation

Kettlebell swings – timed, 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest x 7

Treadmill sprints: 20 seconds work, 2 mins rest x 10

Box jumps: 10 x 3, 60 seconds rest

Conditioning 2:

Walking lunges with rotation

Barbell complex: Deadlift, bent over row, high pull, alternating lunges, shoulder press, back squat
5 reps per movement without letting go of bar, 2 min rest, repeat 10 times.

Treadmill sprints – 10 seconds work, 40 seconds rest, increasing speed to failure (min 10 repetitions)

Conditioning 3

Kettlebell circuits, 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest/change over. Be creative on the movement – just need to work.

Can also swap for punch bag work, or any high intensity full body movements.

2 circuits of 10 minutes


6 thoughts on “Training Plan

  1. I came across your post on reddit and decided to check out your blog, and im very glad to come across this post.

    Regarding the barbell complex, would i do all of the exercises back to back (5 reps/exercise), then rest (equaling one set?)

    And what is meant by tempo: 3-2-1-1 ?

    I was also hoping you can give me some words of advice on the proper eating habits required for this training program. Lots of carbs and protein, and hydration i assume, but any other supplements that would be beneficial?


    • Hi Stephen,

      For the barbell Complex yes you do all reps back to back and then rest for two minutes. it is a real worker and is meant to help for fat loss so concentrate on technique and speed , not heavy weights.

      Tempo 3-2-1-1- means lift taking 3 seconds, holds for 2 seconds, then drop for 1 second then drop further the next seconds. Basically is should take you 7 seconds for each rep to lift and drop. If you can keep to this rhythm it helps keep technique and speed.

      I will write a separate blog post for new eating habits and recipes but read my ‘eating for success’ blog and that will help you out.

  2. How do you arrange your strength days, conditioning days, and technical skill days without risking overtraining, and without risking the workouts interfering with each other? In other words, on what days (M-F) do you arrange your schedule?

  3. Firstly you have to plan your week ahead, if you don’t you will get tired and lack motivation and miss sessions. Make sure you do not mix a legs session with a running session as you will be heavy legged. My routine is:

    Mon: Upper body Weights and Technical
    Tues: Legs
    Wed; Upper Body and Technical
    Thurs: Legs
    Fri: Upper Body
    Sat: Game
    Sun; recovery 30 min gentle bike session, yoga, upper body weights

    On top of that you need to make sure you are taking the right supplements and food to aid muscle repair, and use a foam roller to loosen muscles.

    • What are the workouts for each day?

      Maybe you can edit this format into the original post.

      Thanks, it’s very informative.

  4. I’m a little confused as to what you mean when you say “3 Strength: 1 Conditioning…” and so on. With the strength exercises, how many do we do? Which ones do we do on weeks with 2 Strength vs 3 Strength?

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