Living the dream, find the team

My life is really starting to change now and the chance of living my dream creeps closer every day. I decided to leave my job this week to focus on my training. I loved my job and leaving it pushes more pressure on me to succeed. I am willing to give everything I have to make this happen and I refuse to have any excuses for failure. My head seems to be constantly buzzing at the moment, I can’t stop thinking about the next couple of months and what I will do if I get offered a professional contract. I have the month of November to fine-tune everything and be in the best shape possible for trials in December.

As my preparation intensifies, it becomes more and more evident how impotant it is to have a team around me. With so many factors influencing my performance, it is vital that every single base is covered to produce world-class performances. This is the team that helps me continue to progress and that will help me get back in to professional football.

I have not included personal relationships such as family or girlfriend as every person depends on these in different ways. I have a very strong bond with my family and nearly all major decisions I make regarding my career are discussed with them first. There are going to be times when you are knocked back; if you get injured or if you have a bad game. At these times although important to be always mentally strong, friends and family can help you switch off, forget about things and wake up the next day refreshed and ready to play again.

The most important part of having at team around you is that each person is an expert in their own field. I view my return as a scientific project where I can research unique methodology and apply ideas that wouldn’t normally be associated with football training. For example it is important to have good dental hygiene, as any problems with your teeth and nerves system can effect how you run or how you head a ball. Also in the modern game any player must have an influential social presence and so the business and web side of the sport can contribute just as much as a physio or masseur. Yoga instructors are vital to prevent injury and to work on flexibility should be a big part of any footballers routine. Ryan Giggs and Brad Friedel are keen advocates of Yoga and have both had top careers spanning 20 years each.

I will be interviewing each part of my team and showing you what unique ideas can help your performance as a footballer or just how to improve your general health. I am always looking for experts and so If you would like to be part of my team just contact me here or on twitter at


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