Reddit Q and A

Thank you for everybody who took part in the question and answer on Reddit. It was a great way to raise the profile of the blog and help build a community of people with the same interests.

My aims of the blog are to give people an insight in to what it was like to play at a professional level, what it is like to start again and what are the best techniques to get fit.

You can see the full Q and A at; Reddit but the following were my favourite questions;

Q1; I’m 15 and unfit. I love football and play everyday but I’m not great. Is it too late for me?

A1; I didn’t start playing at a high level till I was 16, before that I did mostly athletics and Rugby. Don’t worry about age and 15 is very young so definitely not too late. A lot of the time the older you are the better as you will be more of a raw talent that can be improved which is a key thing that scouts and managers look for.

Q2;Why is it that while the EPL teams are filled with players from other countries of Europe and the world I don’t recall seeing an English player in a team in la Liga or in Germany, France?

A2:I think on average English players are less cultured and more afraid to travel. It would benefit most players to go abroad, like it benefits most people in normal jobs to travel the world, it will develop their personalities which will ultimately improve their performance on the pitch

Q3:I really would like to know what is the best way to get a professional contract or get scouted in England, I always ask this question and basically everyone tells me you have to get lucky, is their no other way besides getting lucky? maybe some form of camp, etc?

A3: luck is definitely part of it, some great players don’t get scouted, some average players do. However you can increase your chances of luck; (1) become the fittest on your team, this always stands out a mile on the pitch (2) be very vocal, scream, shout at players, celebrate, organise people. This again will stand out (3) create a blog page / you tube channel, and email every club that you want to go to (4) Be ballsy, go to a training ground, ask to see the manager and say you want a trial. (5) push every option and don’t give up as long as you back yourself and you talent, other people will too

Q4;What would you say is the general opinion of MLS within the European professional footballing community? I’m curious how the league and it’s players are viewed by their counterparts worldwide.

A5:I would love to play in MLS. I would need some help finding agents, the right clubs etc but it is definitely a possibility. MLS would be a dream come true for me and I think I could be a real asset to any team out there. I will start researching this, thank you 

Q6: I play as a right back/ defensive midfielder on a small recreation team, it might sound insignificant, but I want to improve myself as a footballer, any tips on playing styles? What to train on? Etc?

A6: Train on doing 90 second sprints with 90 second recovery. Try these twice a week and you will see your football fitness improve a lot. Playing styles, never overlap in your own half as a full back and when in your own half, if you play a long ball down the line, always make sure it doesn’t curl in to the box, make the keeper run out for it. Final advice, when tracking back from an attack , corner etc, always head for your penalty spot and then get in to position, you will get to where you need to be quicker

If you have any more questions please get in touch at Ask Me Anything


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